Private Session:
The most effective way to focus on your own unique needs. Maximize your time working on strength,
injuries, or chronic issues. Increase your understanding of the various Pilates concepts and movements, while teaching you
how to apply them to your body and your other activities.

Partner Session:
You and a friend - or work out partner - explore and learn the principals of Pilates on all the studio
equipment, while still benefiting from individual attention and instruction.

Reformer or Chair Classes:
Allow you to pursue individual goals on the equipment in an energetic small group
setting of no more than five clients.

Mat Classes:
The foundation of all Pilates work on the equipment, mat classes are a series of fluid floor work
exercises designed to develop a strong foundation, and to kick your butt! Mat classes are a great way to add an
extra workout to your week at a very affordable price.

Yoga Classes:
We are excited to offer different yoga classes that incorporate fundamental Pilates principles, introduce
the pilates students to yoga, and welcome new students and teachers from the community. Please check with the studio
for the latest class times and descriptions.

Jump Board / Abs Class:
The Jump Board is a great way to get the heart rate up and tone the glutes, thighs and calves. It's like jumping on the trampoline but you're lying down on the Reformer and jumping of the Jump Board. You work with all the variations of the Jump Board, and also focus on core work in this class, with some stretches that balance you out, leaving you feeling like you got a great workout.

Jump Board Combo Class:
Jump Board / Abs class with an opportunity to also work on other pieces of equipment like the Wunda Chairs, Cadillac, and the mat work - depending on what the teacher choses to work on or the students request. So you may do something different each class but always get some Jump Board and core work in.

Winter Sports Conditioning:
A class tailored to skiers, snow boarders, hikers, people who snow shoe - even cyclist and runners can benefit! You'll get to stretch the quads and hips that get tight as well as strengthen those muscles. Open up the Achilles tendons which also get tight, and work on cardio with the Jump Board. Focus is also on opening the chest with extension in the spine, and targeting the core which drives all these sports.

*24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments and classes

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